Maxtor Goes Serial ATA: The DiamondMax Plus 9 Gets Put to the Test

DiamondMax Plus 9: Technical Data

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Capacity60, 80, 120, 160, 200 GB
Model tested6Y160M0 (SATA 160 GB)
InterfaceUltraATA/133 or Serial ATA 150
Rotation speed7,200 rpm
Cache2 MB (only with UltraATA/133)or 8 MB (UltraATA/133 or Serial ATA)
Access time9.4 ms
Guarantee1 year

The great variety of models of the DiamondMax Plus 9 series requires some explanation. While all type designations begin with "6Y" and the capacities are stated in gigabytes, the following specifications tell you which interface is used and the amount of cache memory:

  • L0 stands for UltraATA/133 and 2 MB cache (e.g. 6>060L0).

  • Exception: The 200 GB model is not available with 2 MB cache.
  • P0 stands for UltraATA/133 and 8 MB cache .

  • Exception: The 60 GB model is not available with 8 MB cache.
  • M0 stands for Serial ATA and 8 MB cache .

  • All Serial ATA models feature an 8 MB cache.