Memory Module with MP3 Player: MuVo NX

Cutting Edge Technology

After these minor considerations, let's move on to the important stuff. The capacity of the MuVo NX is 128 MB, around two hours or 40 pieces of music in MP3 format sampled at 128 kbps. This capacity is perfectly reasonable for sound on the move and Creative Labs will eventually be selling a 256 MB version on its internet site. The connection with the PC is via USB, of course, using the 1.1 standard.

The transfer speed has been considerably improved in comparison with the first model. The Muvo NX takes around 82 seconds to transfer 50 MB split into 20 files but the operation can also take as little as 70 seconds. The MuVo NX thus has one of the fastest transfer times and that's good news because with this capacity, you might have had to hang around for a long time, waiting for it to finish. Your PC, even without a driver if running under Windows XP, recognizes the MuVo NX as an external drive. So all you need do is point and click to cut and paste, which will always be the easiest way to do it.

If a problem arises that requires you to reformat the disk, you have to use the utility supplied by Creative Labs otherwise you could cause the device to freeze.