Memory Module with MP3 Player: MuVo NX

NX: New And Improved

Now, Creative Labs has decided to have its new version jump through a new set of hoops. The upgrade contains plenty of cool features and makes this already sexy object even fancier. The MuVo NX is almost as tiny as its predecessor-36.7x74x16 mm. It also weighs only 1 1/2 ounces, including the battery.

An ultra-compact personal stereo that you can take anywhere, it's especially useful when playing sports or exercising. Creative Labs has also equipped the MuVo NX with a case and carrying strap. The player sits inside a transparent plastic carrying case, which fits conveniently on a belt loop.

You can also fix the case to the strap and carry it over your shoulder. The extendable velcro strip is a feature of particular interest to joggers and people exercising down at the gym.

On the other hand, the neck-clip is no longer supplied with the personal stereo although it would be easy to improvise one. And while on the subject of accessories, the MuVo NX comes with two battery cases, an elegant silver one and a red one in contemporary style.