Memory Module with MP3 Player: MuVo NX

A Question Of Organization

If you prefer to manage your MP3 library in a more organized way, using playlists and so on, Creative Labs provides a Mediasource CD, containing a utility for the whole sound range. It has the look and functionalities of the Windows XP Explorer, letting you rip your audio CDs, transcode them in MP3 or WMA using the compression of your choice. You can also arrange, file, and sort your music on the PC or on the personal stereo.

There is even an optimized transfer function to the MuVo that uses WMA compression to ensure the available space is used to its best advantage. Personally, I am quite happy to ignore this type of utility and prefer a thousand times more to sort my music into old-fashioned directories, using the MuVo NX like a hard disk, but each to his own. In any case, this is one more plus which you may not have need of if it isn't your cup of tea.