Memory Module with MP3 Player: MuVo NX

Take Note

As a bonus, the MuVo NX even comes with a tiny built-in microphone so it can be used a stand-alone miniature Dictaphone. The quality isn't outstanding, of course, but it's adequate for making verbal notes and playing them back. You can also transfer them to a PC. As the ultimate gadget, the MuVo NX will connect to the M-Port of some types of Creative Labs speakers. You can then listen to music stored on it without being connected to a PC.

Energy comes from a tiny AAA battery whose stated life is 11 hours of continuous listening. We measured a total of more than nine hours, which is still good. So you won't be using up masses of batteries while minimizing the chances of running out of juice.

I Buy

The MuVo NX is a real success story. It's tiny, sexy, practical, and offers all the functionality you would expect from an MP3 personal stereo with a flash memory. Furthermore, it offers you the USB key function, a very useful combination. This new version with the rotating wheel, LCD screen, and features galore, moves it up from the entry level of the first product, but doesn't let its price get out of control at $150. You even get a Dictaphone as a bonus. The only tiny criticism is the headset.