Memory Module with MP3 Player: MuVo NX

It's Got Class!

Although the key part of the USB interface has not changed much except as regards performance, the portability function is much improved thanks to an LCD screen built right into the stick. It's small but very readable due to excellent contrast and blue backlighting for the best effect. This is what was lacking in the first MuVo. Now you can find all of the information you normally get from digital playback, such as the title of the piece being played, the time elapsed, the time to go, "play" and "pause". The title is displayed on the next line.

At the same time, the keyboard buttons have been modified. Although the go/stop button is still combined with the "pause" and "play" functions, there are two large knobs for adjusting the volume that are very practical because they are so easy to find while you are busy playing sports or exercising, and there is also a multifunctional wheel that is very ergonomic. It lets you move forward and backward through the playlist and has a third function whereby if you press it, it navigates intuitively through the menus. So you can directly delete items, move from one playlist to another, and choose the play mode (occasional, repeat, etc.).

Furthermore, you have access to a genuine equalizer. You have predefined setting based on types of music but you can also adjust each level yourself and thus adapt the sound to your headset and your taste. From now on, the combination between the USB key and the MP3 personal stereo doesn't need to make concessions as regards ergonomics. Naturally, these improvements come at a price, but the MuVo NX 128 Mb ought not to cost more than 169 euros, a reasonable sum considering its functionality.