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Haswell And Richland Memory Scaling: Picking A 16 GB DDR3 Kit

AMD Gamer Series RG2133

AMD Radeon Memory comprises several product families, but we’re more interested in the corresponding numbers. Two 8 GB modules rated at DDR3-2133 CAS 10 make up its 16 GB part number AG316G2130U2K kit.

AMD also gets honored with a second product image, if only because we can't actually see the modules through its cardboard box. An angled top on each heat spreader advertises that these are AMD-sanctioned parts.

Configuration data for AMD’s modules is full of surprises, such as an SPD (automatic configuration) mode of DDR3-1866 and a replacement for the long-forgotten EPP 2.0, called AMP, that allows AMD motherboards to automatically configure the higher voltage and looser timings of its DDR3-2133 rating. Intel-based systems are also welcomed with an XMP configuration, shown as “EXT #1” in the screenshot below.

Unlike its processors and graphics cards, AMD DRAM carries a lifetime warranty.