Core i7 Memory Scaling: From DDR3-800 to DDR3-1600

Benchmark Results: Application Benchmarks

There are no benefits with virus checking using AVG.

3DS Max benefits from low latency memory, but it can also take slight advantage of high clock speeds. If you have to choose, pick the lower latency RAM.

The normal margin of error from one benchmark run to the next prevents drawing a conclusion on this benchmark. The fastest memory is best, but slow memory with tight timings doesn’t do bad either.

There is no need to reconsider your memory options here; if you use Photoshop a lot, you can pick almost any RAM.

WinRAR is very memory sensitive, and delivers nice time savings with faster memory. For this benchmark, high memory speed is more important than tight timings.

WinZip doesn’t compress the same amount of data as quickly as WinRAR, hence the few seconds’ difference between the fastest and the slowest memory configuration are less relevant. But again, fast RAM clock speed is most important.