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Migrating From Windows To Linux, Part 2: Installation


Remember that Outlook PST file that we copied over? That file contains your contacts and old emails. You probably want to transfer that information to a Linux email program, but which one? The choice is easy. Evolution by Ximian is arguably the best email program. It looks and feel like Outlook. In fact, it can even connect to Microsoft's Exchange Server, if you buy the plug-in. Evolution is included with most Linux distributions. If it wasn't included with your distribution, you can easily install it with the easy Red Carpet program from Ximian.

Since every email received is indexed, searches are lightning fast. Try sorting through 15,000 emails in Outlook, and you will feel the pain. With Evolution it is no problem.

A nice program called Outport will migrate your PST file into Evolution format.

Download the PST migration training video:

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has exploded in the recent years. Most Windows users use Instant Messaging programs such as AIM, ICQ, Yahoo or MSN Messenger. In addition, they probably have multiple chat programs running at the same time. I used to have AIM, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger running at once, all filling up my precious desktop with windows. Your switch to Linux doesn't mean you have to give up the convenience of Instant Messaging, nor will you have to deal with multiple windows again.

Gaim is a free chat program that is included with most Linux distributions. You can download the latest version here . Gaim simplifies chatting by combining all the above chat services into one program. So you can talk to all your friends, without having to open multiple windows.

Amazingly enough, American Online has an official Linux version of AOL Instant Messenger here . With all the functionally of Gaim, however, you probably won't need to deal with AOL's Linux AIM.