MO Storage Means Mo Safety

Fujitsu DynaMO 640U2 Photo

640U2 Photo is the name for an expanded variant of the DynaMO 640. For one, it offers the faster USB interface (USB 2.0 with 480 MB/s), and for another, it has a PC card slot available to which any Flash card reader can be connected.

This brings us to the main purpose of the DynaMO 640U2 Photo: mobile storage of digital photos. Normally when traveling, you either rely on a higher number of memory cards for the digital camera or on a notebook in order to take a higher number of pictures.

Anyone who photographs for a living needs at least four megapixels. Even in compact format, 3 megapixels can now be considered the default. By necessity, this leads to the question of whether 640 MB are even enough for traveling. From our own experience we can say that this amount of memory will only last an active amateur photographer about 5-10 days. Anyone who is on the road for longer should have one or two additional storage media on hand. After all, the selection of pictures that "didn't turn out" is simply impossible without a usable display.

Another advantage over the "normal" DynaMO is the considerably shorter search time of 25 ms, made possible by the faster interface and the higher rotation speed of 3,600 rpm.

At about 550 grams, the DynaMO 640U2 Photo may be heavier than the DynaMO 640, but almost checkmates the latter thanks to its card reader and clearly better performance.