MO Storage Means Mo Safety


It's a done deal: Just in time for the Christmas rush, DVD burners can now be counted among the hottest components in retail stores. Not surprising as seven CDs will fit on one DVD. But when it comes to data security, DVDs do not provide any advances. Anyone who is not careful with their media will have to face the fact that not even the error correction on cutting-edge drives can do anything about deep scratches.

The horror, the horror: The files are gone. There are many professionals whose jobs just can't let that happen. Examples include data or even data revisions that must be stored for a specific period of time, such as invoice files.

This is how magneto-optical drives may save the day. An intelligent recording procedure allows data to be saved, even with frequent use, more safely than on hard drives, CDs or DVDs.

Fujitsu offers a range of drives for this use. We brought three models into the lab as examples: The DynaMO 640, an external USB drive, DynaMO 640U2 Photo with integrated Flash card readers and the top model, the DynaMO 2300U2. We compared their performance with a range of already tested external storage solutions.