MO Storage Means Mo Safety

Fujitsu DynaMO 640 Pocket

The DynaMO 640 Pocket is the beginner model of Fujitsu's DynaMO line. An external device with a USB interface, it can be operated on almost any computer. Unfortunately the interface corresponds only to USB 1.1, making the maximum transfer rate only 900 kB/s.

On the other hand, the DynaMO 640 Pocket is ideally suited to mobile use, because power is supplied through the USB interface. Its 2.5 W saves on power, so it doesn't overload your notebook battery. Moreover, the drive is small (14 x 10 x 2 cm) and, at 400 grams, is also rather light.

Fujitsu lists the average search time as 43 ms. This puts the performance of the DynaMO well below that of a hard drive, but access is noticeably faster than that of CD or DVD drives.