Mobile and Attractive: External Hard Disks from Maxtor and Seagate

Maxtor Backup Software

Maxtor bundles the OneTouch with Retrospect Express 6.0, a backup application from Dantz, which provides a number of options for automating the backup process. You can devise your own backup strategies by writing your own scripts, and carry out and verify full or incremental backups. This is especially important if you are performing unsupervised backups.

The term OneTouch refers to the button on the front of the device and the associated software. If you have followed the correct installation procedure (OneTouch followed by Retrospect) you can start the backup program, or an equivalent script, at the touch of a button.

However, OneTouch isn't restricted solely to Retrospect; any other executable can be started with the push of a button. You can use handwritten backup scripts (e.g. a batch file) or any normal program. You can also use Retrospect to backup and restore files on other hard drives.

Any other program can be started at the push of a button instead of the backup program.