Mobile CPU Mania

Mobile Module 1

This module is much more than just a CPU. The Intel Mobile Module contains CPU, Northbridge, L2 Cache and voltage regulator.

Intel introduced these mobile modules with the Pentium Processor including MMX and TX Chipset.

Later Intel upgraded the MMC-1 (Mobile Module Connector 1) to a Pentium II Processor with additional level two cache and BX Chipset.

Some users like Tom have been able to upgrade their notebook from a Pentium to a Pentium II in a snap. The Notebook itself had the Southbridge and all the peripheral chips like VGA Card, Sound Card, PCMCIA Controller, Charger, etc mounted on the Notebook-Motherboard.

Shut down the Notebook, replace the Pentium MMC-1 with the Pentium II MMC-1 or the Celeron MMC-1 and start with a new processor family.

While the TX Chipset of the Pentium MMC-1 Module supported both SDRAM and EDO Memory, the BX Chipset of the Pentium II / Celeron MMC-1 Module supported only SDRAM.

But there were some negative sides to that. The costs for the Mobile Modules were very high, because the module included the Chipset and all the other components.