Mobile CPU Mania


To bring the mobile Pentium III to a wider audience and reduce the costs of the MMC-2 Module, the BGA-2 was introduced to the market.

100 MHz front side bus, auto detection of the clock multiplier and the Speedstep technology plus the other Pentium III features is only a small list of its features.

BGA-2 CPU top view

BGA-2 CPU bottom view

No other mobile Intel CPU offers such a wide range of low voltage and high-speed processors. When Intel is battling Transmeta for the low power CPU, they will use the 600-500 LV MHz CPU. In AC-Mode the CPU runs with as little as 1.35V and in battery-mode only with 1.1V.

Like the BGA-1 processors the BGA-2 CPUs will only be available soldered on to the notebook motherboard.