Mobile CPU Mania

Mobile Module 1, Continued

MMC-1 Top View

MMC-1 connector-view CPU with on-die L2 cache

MMC-1 connector-view, CPU with external L2 Cache

MMC-1 chip-view after removal Thermal Transfer Plate

The MMC-1 Connector has 4 rows and a total of 280 pins.

With the Connector between the MMC-1 Board and the Motherboard of the Notebook the total height of the system was limited. You were not able to build a very slim notebook.

What I personally didn't like about the MMC Modules were the three screws. The very crucial connection between the Notebook Motherboard and the MMC Module is secured by only 1 screw while the other two screws are at the less important side of the module. When times gets tough with the notebook, there is a slight chance that the connection gets lost and your notebook won't start.

If you have such a notebook and want to upgrade it, you should check with your vendor for the TDPmax of the system and the BIOS.