Mobo Makers Try Again with Intel's 925X and 915P Chipsets

Asus P5AD2 Premium, Continued

The second network connection is led out to a slot plate by means of an adapter module.

Asus installs two PCI express chips for Gigabit Ethernet on the P5AD2.

The pin panel is labeled in color.

The advantage of the cooler on the voltage regulators is doubtful. It neither becomes really warm under load, nor are the remaining voltage regulators cooled.

Asus prefers to answer the WLAN question itself, rather than waiting for the radio module from Intel for the ICH6W: pictured is the complete solution from Marvel, which supports 802.11b/g.

There are so many items in the premium version that the board and the accessories scarcely fit in the box properly any more when they have been unpacked. In addition to a full set of cables, Asus also provides a WLAN antenna with a long cable as well as four adapters for the enormous number of interfaces.

The FireWire b ports and the second network connection share one slot module. Below in the picture: SATA adapter for the external operation of two drives.