Mobo Makers Try Again with Intel's 925X and 915P Chipsets

Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D

BIOS: F3b (07/12/2004)

The 925X motherboard from Gigabyte also crashes when subjected to a high load: the maximum limit is approximately 70°C on the CPU case.

With the original BIOS version, the standard FSB speed of 200 MHz was upped to an amazing 210 MHz, so that the P4 ran with 3,790 rather than 3,600 MHz. Fair's fair...

An update reduced this speed to 207 MHz, which we could not exactly call progress. Gigabyte only managed to operate the system intended for 200 MHz FSB with 200 MHz with the third BIOS version. The fourth, fifth and sixth version improved performance, but caused it to crash even sooner when subjected to a high load and high thermal loss.

The 8ANXP-D is more or less the same as the 8GPNXP Duo, but comes with different features.