MSI MPG A750GF Power Supply Review

MSI did a far better job than Gigabyte in its PSU products, but is this enough?

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One thing is for sure is that MSI did a far better job than Gigabyte in its PSU department. Although the MPG A750GF doesn't set any performance records, it isn't far from competing offerings, and it is currently sold at a fair price, given its features. The ten-year warranty is another vital asset. 

It is a great shame, though, that it has such a short hold-up time, and to add insult to injury, its power ok signal is inaccurate. The excuse for the short hold-up time is the low capacity bulk cap to save some money, but there is no excuse for the inaccurate power ok signal. EMI emissions should be lower, too. 

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Many strong competitors in this category achieve better performance and lower noise output including the highly popular Corsair RM750x, the Cooler Master V750 Gold V2, the EVGA SuperNOVA 760 G6, and the XPG Core Reactor 750. MSI should approach CWT again, use one of its newer platforms, and pay more attention to noise output and various PSU timings, including the power ok signal. 

This is not a bad start, given how tough the PSU market is. It is a pretty good one, actually, and kudos to MSI for its effort. 

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