Multi-channel RAID for SATA: 3Ware, Highpoint and Raidcore/Broadcom

3Ware/AMCC 9000 Series, Continued

It has everything to make it fast: 64 bit, 66 MHz PCI and hardware cache provided by SO-DIMMs. We got the 12 channel version 9500-12 for the test.

The 9000 Series is also still based on serial ATA bridge chips. As a result, the controller does not support command queuing.

The SO-DIMM working at 100 MHz offers 128 MB for cache data, and can be replaced by modules holding up to 512 MB. ECC is supported.

The range of accessories supplied is respectable: There are AMD-compatible 64 bit drivers for Windows XP/2003 and for Red Hat Linux.