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The Three Musketeers: Athlon Platforms For 133 MHz FSB

Test Setup

MSI MS-6341 K7 MasterAMD761 north bridgeVIA VT82686B south bridgeOn-board Ultra 160 SCSI AIC-7899GDDR memory timing 8-8-4-2-2-2-2Pre-Release BIOS
Iwill KA266ALi MaGiK1 chipsetALi M1647 north bridgeALi M1535+ south bridgeDDR memory timing CAS2, Ultra2BIOS Dec 8, 2000
Asus A7V133VIA VT8366A north bridgeVIA VT82686B south bridgeSDR memory timing 2-2-2Pre-Release BIOS
Common Hardware
ProcessorAMD Athlon 1200/133, L1-bridges closed
DDR SDRAM Memory128 MB Micron PC2100 DIMMCL 2.5Running at CL2
SDRAM Memory128 MB Wichmann WorkX PC133 DIMMCL2
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce 2 32 MBDriver 6.50 Detonator 3DirectX 8
Network Card3Com 3C905B-TX 100 Mbit
Power SupplyPRO-V PM-S400U, 400W
Hard DriveIBM DTLA-307030, ATA100, 30 GBOne FAT32 Partition
Benchmarks and Settings
Operating SystemWindows 98 SE
Screen Resolution1024x768x16x85
Sysmark 2000Patch 4B
Quake III ArenaRetail Versioncommand line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0Graphics detail set to 'Normal', 640x480x16Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
Flask MPEGSpecial AMD-optimized version