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The Three Musketeers: Athlon Platforms For 133 MHz FSB

Flask MPEG Athlon-Optimized / Windows 98

The picture in Flask MPEG video MPEG4 encoding is similar to the Quake 3 result. Once more the AMD760 w/DDR chipset rules this benchmark, while the old KT133 with SDRAM is the slowest. The faster processor bus of the KT133A w/SDR is already able to improve scores a bit, although the memory bandwidth is the same as with KT133. The ALi MaGiK1 w/DDR is able to beat KT133A w/SDR, but it lags quite a bit behind AMD's 760 chipset.

Pure Memory Performance

There is no surprise to see the A7V and A7V133 perform significantly worse than the other two in this test, as those two motherboards are only using normal PC133 SDRAM. However, you can see that the K7Master with AMD760 chipset is able to get a lot more out of DDR-SDRAM than the Iwill KA266 with ALi MaGiK1 chipset. Again you wonder if MaGiK1 is indeed that magic at all, since it just cannot reach the memory performance of AMD's 760 chipset.