Atom-Powered NAS: Thecus N4200 And QNAP TS-459 Pro

Benchmark Results: Multimedia

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In the multimedia benchmarks, QNAP's TS-459 Pro's performance shines. Sequential write tests show data rates of more than 100 MB/sec in RAID 5. Compared to the other products listed in the NAS devices chart, the Thecus N4200 doesn't do badly, either. It can write HD video streams at 63.8 MB/sec in RAID 5 mode, which is far more than previously-tested devices.

Playing HD video streams results in a similar picture. The difference between the N4200 and the TS-459 Pro isn't quite so large, though. When working with many small image files, the two Atom D510 NAS devices perform alike, even when compared to older devices.

Marcel Binder