NEC and LaCie Lead On Professional LCD Gear

Good, But No More

The Dell 2405FPW performed respectably as tested by the calibrator.

Reproduction is as you would expect but at the price of too bright a display.

  Black Spot White Spot Contrast
Dell 2405FPW 0.3 250 833:1

Black level is accurate but the brightness is frankly out of order for long-term use, unless it's CAD on a black background, so for the office forget this one. Conversely, contrast is very stable, supporting a wide range of adjustment.

Spatial Uniformity

The 2405FPW copes really well here, hats off! Despite a few extreme measurements for an IT monitor, its evenness is remarkable.

The set of intensity values are within 15% of the total range over a large majority of the visible surface. The bottom of the panel is a little less bright than the top, but nothing unacceptable. The effect on movie playback is negligible.

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