NEC and LaCie Lead On Professional LCD Gear


Who can forget how photo enthusiasts mocked the arrival of the first digital cameras? "The quality is mediocre, just about good enough for printing on a postage stamp, and nowhere near as good as a decent roll of film..." That's all changed now, and all but the most stubborn diehards are moving to Nikon D70s or Canon 350Ds. There's even a handful that won't even be satisfied with less than a Canon 20D or even a 1D Mark II!

It's the same story with LCD screens. Originally considered by the pros to be "just about good enough for the office," today they offer undeniable quality and advantages compared with aging CRT monitors.

We've tested a few monitors for you, ones we feel are worthy of interest from image-editing professionals who are working with CAD/CAM, photo retouching and other high-end applications. We've tested everything to help you answer the essential question: Are you finally ready for the move to LCD?