More nForce2: New Boards from Abit, Biostar and MSI

Biostar M7NCG

Board Revision: 1.0

BIOS Version: Dec. 20, 2002

Biostar sent us a Micro ATX motherboard that is in no way inferior to most boards in this comparative test. The bright colors of all components stand out - ruling out any possibility of confusion with the competition.

The performance of this board lagged a bit behind the others, but that can't be said of the features. Although the board does not offer serial ATA (there is hardly any room), two FireWire ports are available. The only place where you can expect corners to be cut in comparison to the full ATX boards is in the number of PCI slots, because only three are available.

However, the M7NCG is right alongside the others in terms of overclocking: along with many options for processor, memory and chipset voltage, many multipliers (only with unlocked processors) and various FSB clock speeds between 100 and 211 MHz are available.