Oldie Tuning: Asus P55T2P4 with AMD K6-2+/500

Socket7 Tuning: Asus P55T2P4 With AMD K6-2+

In the article 600 MHz with Socket 7: The AMD K6-2+ we thoroughly tested the AMD K6-2+ that turned out to be the upgrade hit for old Socket 7 systems. The feedback and enthusiasm among our readers was huge, and therefore we decided to follow up with a special that particularly addresses the legendary Asus P55T2P4. This board was introduced in 1996 and is based on Intel's 430HX chipset. The board had become very popular due to its stability, and because it allows overclocking of the Front Side Bus. In fact, the legendary 'T2P4' was the very first motherboard tested by Tom's Hardware Guide back in Fall 1996 and Tom based his historical Bus Speed Guide , which changed the whole motherboard industry, on results scored with the 'T2P4'.

Considering the age of the product it is very surprising that many users still work with the P55T2P4. One major reason why the owners do not want to give up their old board is its compatibility with the latest Socket7 processors. Equipped with a fast AMD K6-III or an AMD K6-2+ the board certainly reaches peak form. We tested the P55T2P4 with the fastest settings and the new K6-2+, and came to the following conclusion: This board does not belong on the scrap heap at all yet!

The popular Asus P55T2P4 is still up-to-date after four years. With the help of the .18 micron AMD K6-2+ it achieves the performance level of a modern PC system.