Origin PC EON15-X Gaming Laptop Review: High Performance, Higher Price

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Price Analysis and Conclusion

Versus the Competition

The Origin PC EON15-X is the first laptop we’ve tested with a desktop-class Coffee Lake CPU. It delivers outstanding performance across the board thanks to the Intel Core i7-8700K. However, with its desktop-class internals, fast storage solution and premium packaging experience, our EON15-X comes out to $3,512, which is well out of range of many gamer’s budgets.

The closest comparison to the EON15-X is the Aorus X7 DT v7 due to its GTX 1080. In most cases, its mobile i7-7820HK doesn’t hold a candle to the i7-8700K. However, in GPU-intensive games like Rise of the Tomb Raider or Grand Theft Auto V, the Aorus comes within range of Origin’s laptop.. It also has both a higher display resolution and faster refresh rate. Finally, it can be found $2,600, or nearly $1,000 cheaper than the EON15-X.

Next up is the Acer Predator Triton 700, which features the GTX 1080 Max-Q. It’s much thinner than the EON15-X at 0.7 inches thick, but it loses out on quite a bit of performance, especially in thermal dissipation. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the price, as the Triton 700 can be found for $2,800, making it $200 more expensive than the Aorus while offering nowhere near as much performance.

If you’re looking for a thin-and-light gaming machine. A great alternative is the Digital Storm Equinox. The configuration we tested runs for $1,875, measures 0.7 inches thin and weighs only 4.4 pounds. It’s the lowest performer in this roundup, but its allure stems from its portability and price.

Bottom Line

The Origin PC EON15-X is an outstanding machine that packs desktop power into a laptop. Its impressive performance stems from its desktop internals, lightning-fast Samsung 970 Pro and adequate cooling solution. But it’s too big to be a machine that you can bring with you on a daily basis. Even if you do carry it around, the battery won’t last you long.

All things considered, the Origin PC EON15-X is one of the most powerful laptops we’ve tested thus far. Those with deep pockets and a desire for desktop specs will enjoy it thoroughly, but it’s a big investment.

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  • TJ Hooker
    Incredibly heavy
    7.5 pounds
    Pfft, I remember the Asus G75VX I had several years ago, thing was over 9 lbs (over 10 with power brick) :P
  • bettykmertens
    Two more memory slots are hidden on the other side of the motherboard, and will require more disassembly to access. The rest of the interior consists of the EON15-X’s cooling solution...........www.precandy.com????????????????
  • milkod2001
    People must be buying them if they are still making super expensive gaming laptops. What does it tell you about us customers? Are we really that dumb? I mean playing games on $3500 laptop, tiny 15'' sreen, super heavy, ugly and loud under full load. Why? If you can have much faster PC with 4k monitor at much cheaper price. I just don't get it.
  • juliasweeney
  • juliasweeney
    The touchpad is divided into one slate on the top plus left and right clicks on the bottom. The slate has a smooth matte finish which provides excellent tracking, but it has a slight amount of surface drag SEE TO COPY PAST...........www.seekcyber.com
  • juliasweeney
  • photonboy
    1) Refresh rate?
    I spent 15 minutes online and could NOT find out what it is. I'm guessing either 60Hz or 75Hz but why is there no info anywhere?

    2) Noise?
    Unless I missed it in the article all I see is that it supposedly has excellent cooling. Well, if it's at all NOISY then you can't say the cooling is excellent. You need to have both minimal CPU and GPU throttling in addition to low noise to say that.

    Above where my main questions right off the bat but also the ones I couldn't find info on. Coincidence?

    3) 1920x1080 only?
    Not even another option at the Origin site despite many, many other configurations for CPU and other parts.

    So let me get this straight, we put in a CPU and GPU that can drive many games far above 60FPS at 1920x1080 but may not have a sufficiently high enough refresh rate to stay in GSYNC mode?

    I know some people will take all the CPU and GPU power they can handle but for me if it's only a 1080p screen at 75Hz or less that seems a mistake.

    I think the AORUS in this review has a 120Hz, 2560x1440 screen so... what's the deal?
  • ZM Fong
    Why buy from originpc. HIDevolution and ObsidianPC are clearly better options for P750/P751/P775/P870TM
  • clark_c
    I looked at HIDevolution & ObsidianPC, but Origin appears to have the best options for me to get a high powered laptop with a 17" screen. The prices from HIDevolution for a laptop with a 6 core processor running at 3.7Ghz are far higher than from Origin. Also, the ObsidianPC prices are significantly higher and it ships from the UK.