The Outer Limit: CD-Rs with 80, 90 and 99 Minutes

1.5 Hours Of Music On A Regular CD!

The tests we've run in the past few days are a small wonder, even if the discovery isn't entirely new: up to 99 minutes of music can be burned onto blank CDs and can be played back on almost any CD player. With one limitation, however - not all players can handle oversized music CDs with more than 93 minutes play time. We were surprised to find that the not-so-new CD changers for cars had no problem handling our test CDs of just under 92 minutes in length. Modern car stereos with CD text function, for example, play the "big" CDs without any difficulties. But curiously enough, a cassette recorder just under 12 years old, with a CD drive that runs up to 4 hours a day, happily played all oversized audio CDs. In a nutshell, this amazing test shows us that basically, almost all normal CD players can play oversized music CDs. This makes it definitely worthwhile to purchase a modern CD burner, as long as you don't already have a model that can handle oversized media. We'll show you in this test the features that are important to have. For pragmatists who want to start right away there are step-by-step instructions for the appropriate burner software.

Playing a home-burned 90-minute CD in a conventional CD player: the blank holds just under 92 minutes of music.

Here is the display again, this time enlarged. The homemade music CD holds three albums with a total playing time of just under 92 minutes.