The Outer Limit: CD-Rs with 80, 90 and 99 Minutes

Creating A 90-minute CD, Step-By-Step, Continued

Many burn programs claim to offer a function that calculates the maximum storage capacity. In practice, this feature turns out to be a complete waste, as only the manufacturer's register entries are read. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the maximum capacity of a blank CD-R80 is given as 79 minutes 59 seconds. But in the burn test, the CD could be written with 83 minutes!

Absolutely crucial: to burn a music CD with more than 80 minutes, one should choose a burn speed that is as low as possible.

An audio CD with just under 92 minutes is shown in the time bar.

Creating audio CDs gets critical with more than 90 minutes of content. Very few burners can handle this, as our test has shown.

Don't be afraid to overburn: this warning is provided only for safety reasons. But the CDs can still be inscribed without errors.

Initiated burning sequence with NERO Burning ROM 5.5: This music CD still holds almost 92 minutes.