The Outer Limit: CD-Rs with 80, 90 and 99 Minutes

Blank CDs: 83 Minutes Or 93 Minutes?

50 spindle pack with CD-R80 blanks: these are appropriate for a maximum 12x burn speed. Overburning stops at 83 minutes and 30 seconds.

Various blank CDs are available on the market for the most diverse uses. Those who only care about high burn speeds should use specially marked brand-name media. The reason for this, according to our experience, is that most products from discounters are not good enough for maximal burn speed, even if the packaging makes claims to that effect. It is a different matter when oversized blank CDs need to be burned. There are various media types on the market for this: the CD-R74 blank CDs that hold at least 74 audio minutes are the most widespread standard. As to how many additional minutes can be recorded now, this depends on the individual manufacturer. In our test, the best result was 78 minutes and 30 seconds. On the next level are the so-called CD-R80 blank CDs that store at least 80 minutes of music. Whether or not the respective CD burner can record more than 80 minutes is another matter entirely. We were able to write more than 83 minutes to the blank platinum CDs that we used. Anyone searching for inexpensive blank CDs with a capacity of 99 minutes should have a look at the [Disk4you Page].

Blank CD with a capacity of 800 MB or 90 minutes of music.