The Outer Limit: CD-Rs with 80, 90 and 99 Minutes

Burner Software: NERO 5.5 And Golden Hawk 4.0A

The software we used for overburning consists of two packages: the NERO Burning ROM 5.5 in its latest version (release 35) and also the CDR Win 4.0A software from Golden Hawk. Both programs are optimally suited to the creation of oversized audio CDs, but NERO is more widely available on the market. For this reason alone we have dedicated the following step-by-step instructions to the NERO 5.5 software.

Creating A 90-minute CD, Step-By-Step

This Mitsumi burner supports all important features except for the "burn proof" function. The decisive feature: "Overburn". The NERO 5.5 burner software is shown in the picture.

NERO Burning ROM 5.5: In the "Settings" submenu, the following changes must be made.