The Outer Limit: CD-Rs with 80, 90 and 99 Minutes

Blank CDs: 83 Minutes Or 93 Minutes? Continued

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ManufacturerTypeColorCapacity in MBStandard CapacityOverburn Capacity
ParrotCD-R99green880 MB79:59 Minutes99:04 Minutes
PlatinumCD-R90green820 MB79:59 Minutes92:30 Minutes
PlatinumCD-R80green734 MB79:59 Minutes83:35 Minutes
Silver CircleCD-R80green734 MB79:59 Minutes83:30 Minutes

Test results with individual blank CDs.

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RecordablesOverburn CapacityCapacity in MB
CD-R 2122:10 Minutes180 MB
CD-R 7478:35 Minutes650 MB
CD-R 8083:35 Minutes700 MB
CD-R 9092:30 Minutes800 MB
CD-R 9999:04 Minutes880 MB

Storage capacity of the individual types of blank CDs.

The CD-R90 and CD-R99 media occupy a special position. They are not found in just any PC store and must usually be ordered from specialist suppliers. Excepting the burners from Mitsumi and LG most CD writers cannot burn more than 89 minutes and 59 seconds on a blank CD.

This is what one of our test CDs looks like: a blank CD-R90 has just under 92 minutes of music recorded on it.

Test CDs on the basis of a blank CD-R80: a total of 83 minutes and 35 seconds fit on this medium - assuming you have the right burner and the appropriate burn speed.