Overclocking: 875 = 7205 + X

Test Setup And Details

Intel Processors (Socket 478)
200 MHz FSB
(Dual DDR400) HT
Pentium 4 3.00 GHz
(3000 MHz 12-8/512 kB)
DDR400 (200 MHz) 2 x 256 MB / 5ns / 64 Bit (Corsiar)
Intel 875 Asus P4C800 Rev: 1.03
Bios: 1003 Beta 3
Abit IC7-G Rev: unbekant
Bios: 1003 Beta 3
Intel 7205 Asus P4G8X Rev.: 1.02
Bios: 1004g
Common Hardware
Graphics Card ATI Readion 9700 Pro
Memory: 128 MB DDR-SDRAM
Memory Clock: 620 MHz (256 Bit)
Chip Clock: 325 MHz
Hard Drive 40 GB, 6L040J2, Maxtor
UDMA100, 7200 rpm, 2 MB Cache
Network D-Link DFE-530TX (10/100 Mbit)
CDROM Asus 52x
Intel Chipset V 5.00.1012 (04/14/2003)
Graphics Driver CATALYST 3.2 Version:
ATI Control Panel Version:
DirectX Version: 9a
OS Windows XP, Build 2600 SP1 (English)

Benchmark Tests With DDR 400

OpenGL Performance Quake 3 Arena "Demo 1" and "NV15 Demo"
3D Rendering Lightwave 7.5 Build 572
Cinema 4D XL 8.001
3D Studio Max 5.1
DirectX8 Games Unreal Tournament 2003, Demo
Comanche 4
3D Mark 2001 SE (Version 1.1)
DirectX9 Games 3D Mark 2003
MP3 Audio Encoding mp3 Maker Platinum 3.04
MPEG-2 Video Encoding Pinnacle Studio 8.5
Main Concept 1.3
File Compression Winrar 3.11
CPU and Multimedia Bench PC Mark 2002
SiSoft Sandra 2003

We used several different benchmark tests in order to give you a complete and balanced picture of how the Granite Bay chipset performs in comparison to the 875.

The OpenGL performances are evaluated using various Quake 3 tests; the Direct3D performance from the DirectX package is measured with 3D Mark 2001 SE (based on DirectX 8.1). A newcomer is 3D Mark 2003, which evaluates performance under DirectX 9. We couldn't forget the established 3D game for DirectX8, Unreal Tournament 2003.

A comprehensive test scenario is provided by a variety of benchmarks for MPEG encoding - with the help of mp3 Maker Platinum, a 178 MB WAV file is converted to the MPEG-1 Layer 3 format. Also, with the help of Main Concept 1.3, we convert a DV video (1.2 GB) to an MPEG-2 file. With Pinnacle Studio 8.5, a file is encoded in MPEG-2 format.

Also important for practical applications is file compression, for which we use Winrar 3.11. And, of course, SiSoft Sandra 2002 SP1 shouldn't be left out. For friends of overclocking, PC Mark 2002 is interesting if you're looking for reference scores to compare with your own overclocking success. 3D rendering performance is evaluated with Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max and Lightwave.

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