Overclocking: 875 = 7205 + X

Dual Channel DDR400

Currently, Intel is promoting the 875 chipset as the ultimate in chipsets. Intel has devoted the longest development time to this chipset, ever since components of this type have been available from Intel. The chipset that is sold under the code name "Canterwood" is supposed to enable very fast memory transfer performance (bypass paths and faster paths), thanks to PAT technology (Performance Acceleration Technology).

However, Dual DDR memory from Intel is not new: the 7205 chipset (code-named Granite Bay - see our previous article: Dual DDR For Pentium 4: Intel E7205 Chipset Put To The Test , which was launched November 18, 2002, already supported Dual DDR 266 together with a synchronous FSB clock. Within the context of THG's 4.1 GHz project (see: The Iceman Cometh: P4 at 4.1 GHz ), we overclocked the Intel 7205 from 133 MHz FSB clock to 180 MHz in any case. Note that this tuning posed no problems with regard to stable operation.

On the trail of 875: older boards based on Intel 7205 with Dual DDR 400 and FSB 800.