Penalty: An Autopsy Of Dead LCD Pixels

QDI, Relisys, Samsung, Solarism, Sony, VideoSeven, ViewSonic

QDI sticks pretty much to the standard. The difference might just be due to a slip in their answer.

After getting an initial rejection from Relisys, we finally met with them at the CeBIT. Since then, Relisys has completely cleaned up its line of products. Gone are the days when 12 pixel errors were required before they took action. Now, all it takes are four or five faulty pixels (depending on the model) with the 15" models and seven pixels with the 17" model. However, this is still above the average and pushes the tolerance level.

Sony is one of the few exceptions: they follow the ISO standard, they understand it and they apply it.

Solarism has a straightforward policy: whether 15 or 17 inches, they change it after three dead pixels.

Samsung could try harder. Six dead pixels allowed on a 15", or nine on a 17", are too many!

ViewSonic assured us they have applied the ISO 13406-2 standard to the letter since it came into force. This is something of an exception.