Pentium 4 Systems: To Buy or Not To Buy / To Cry Or Not to Cry

Dell Dimension 8100 Customized Pentium 4 1.5 GHz High-End System - $2659

"The Dell Dimension 8100 desktop redefines "cutting-edge" technology. This powerful system, with Intel Pentium processors, speeds you to the highest levels of performance ever offered on a Dimension. The Pentium 4 processors also provide enhanced multimedia, 3D and encryption, giving you a realistic, theater-like sight and sound experience right in your own home."

'Cutting Edge' once more, but this time the system is actually well equipped. Dell is also very wise in making the 'performance' comment dependent to their own PCs. "Highest levels of performance ever offered on a Dimension' - Why wouldn't they say, 'highest performance ever offered in a PC-system' I wonder? We'll soon find the answer.