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Micron Millennia MAX XP Customized Athlon 1.2 GHz High-End System - $2645

"The Millennia MAX XP [..] features the powerful new AMD Athlon processor, AMD chipset, and new DDR SDRAM memory technology. That means home, home business, and small business users can have unrivaled desktop performance at an affordable price. Combining speed and innovation, the Millennia MAX XP harnesses the power of ultra-fast AMD Athlon processors and DDR SDRAM for maximized productivity in the most intensive applications. That means an unprecedented computing experience and incredible multimedia performance at a great value for Internet surfers, gamers, students, and parents."

Well, well, Micron is not exactly modest either, but tests of many other PC-publications agree with them. Let's see if Tom's Hardware is able to agree with Micron's big promises as well.