Pentium 4 Systems: To Buy or Not To Buy / To Cry Or Not to Cry

3D Gaming Performance, Continued

Unreal Tournament is less 3D-card and more processor-intensive, so the results don't look quite as devastating for the two Dell-systems. Still the equally priced Athlon systems from Micron and Gateway can easily outperform the Pentium 4 boxes from Dell.

Video Performance

Last but not least here come the Video2000 scores. For once Dell's $2700 Pentium 4 system has a bit of an edge over Micron's $2700 Athlon system, while the Gateway Select 1000 beats Dell's $1600 Pentium 4 system once more. I doubt that the 45 points (about 5%) lead of the $2700 Dimension 8100 can justify a purchase however.