Performance Matters: AMD Introduces AthlonXP Processor

Clock Speeds

Today AMD introduces AthlonXP processors at 1333, 1400, 1467 and 1533 MHz, all using a FSB clock of 133/266 MHz. AMD doesn't want to see or hear MHz-numbers anymore though, so what we are actually presented with today is AthlonXP 1500+, AthlonXP 1600+, AthlonXP 1700+ and AthlonXP 1800+. AMD calls the number with the '+' at the end behind the 'AthlonXP' name 'model numbers ', as Tom's Hardware already reported more than two months ago.

How seriously AMD is taking this 'Model Number' issue, is shown in the picture above. The BIOS of a motherboard that is supposed to get approval from AMD is not allowed to display the actual clock frequency, but only the model number! WindowsXP reports both, the 'model number' as well as the actual clock frequency, as you can see in the picture of a German WindowsXP below.

AMD has got to be consistent, and that's all it is by trying to keep the display of actual clock frequencies of AthlonXP at a minimum.