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Sirtec's Power Watcher

Overall Impression

Sirtec's voltage converter

The Power Watcher PW-480-302-DF from Sirtec supposedly delivers 480 Watts, with 550 Watts being specified as the peak load. As the name "Power Watcher" suggests, the power currently consumed is also displayed by this power supply. Sirtec has opted for a digital power meter with a seven-segment LED display, which is very easy to read, both in daylight and also in the dark.

The power consumption is displayed on a 5.25" screen.

Not a great deal of technology is required.

This device is an ATX 12V 2.0 power supply. While the ATX connector has only a 20 pin configuration, the adapter extends the cables to 24 pins. As to whether this makes sense or not is doubtful.

Cables And Connectors

The box lists the "Smart Cable Management" feature. This does not refer to the cables that can be connected to the power supply, however, but merely their sheathing.

Connection for the power meter (left) and tacho signal (right).

No fewer than nine 5.25" Molex connectors are available, these being split into three looms. Two looms also feature a floppy connector as well. Only two SATA connectors are available, which could prove a little too tight for the future. In addition to the 20 pin ATX connector (with adapter to 24 pins), the obligatory P4 connector is also supplied.