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Cables And Connectors

Thermaltake also opts for "modularized cable management," meaning that it is only necessary to connect those cables the user actually needs.

All the cables at a glance.

It is also possible to disconnect the ATX cable. Although it is also needed, it can however be removed for a short while so that it no longer gets in the way, as it usually does, when working on the computer.

A large number of cables are available:

  • Two cables each with two SATA connectors
  • Two cables each with one PCIe connector (SLi)
  • One cable with a four-pin P4 connector
  • Two cables with one floppy connector and three 5.25" Molex connectors
  • One cable with three 5.25" Molex connectors

These connections ensure that ample reserves are available for the future. The picture is spoilt slightly by the ATX connector. Although this is a 24-pin version and one that can be split, it is not possible to clip the four extra pins onto the large connector. This means that these four pins are not secure and can, in some cases, slip out of the motherboard.

Although it can be split, it is not secure: The four additional pins can come loose.