Power Supplies Get Smarter

Cables And Connectors

The power supply features cables that can be attached for the devices. The only components that are permanently connected to the power supply are the ATX cable, the P4 connector (also available in an 8-pin version for a multi-processor system) and a 5.25" Molex connector for the Audio Standby function. The ATX connector is available as a 24-pin version, which can be split, allowing it to be used without an adapter on older motherboards.

A Simple connection thanks to the jacks.

All cables are included in the package.

Five jacks on the rear of the power supply are used for connecting cables that are truly necessary. This helps to keep things nice and tidy inside the case. The following cables are available to choose from:

  • One cable with PCIe connector for graphic cards
  • One cable with three 5.25" Molex connectors
  • Two cables with one floppy connection each and two 5.25" Molex connectors
  • One cable with two SATA connectors

A sufficient number of connectors are provided, although there should have been two extra SATA connectors. All the same, thanks to the modularity, the option is available to subsequently replace two 5.25" connectors with SATA connectors.

A word of caution regarding the PCIe connector: Even if the connector fits in the opposite jacks - the black one must be plugged into the power supply, and the transparent one into the graphics card. Swapping sides around results in a short circuit due to the different configuration.

All voltages are accommodated.