Power Supplies Get Smarter


Switching on the power supply for the first time can be a baffling experience. First, a mysterious blue light is emitted from the inside the device, but no fans rotate. However, once the device has had the chance to warm up, the fans slowly start to rotate and the world is back to normal again.

This device passed the set of benchmark tests without any problems whatsoever. All the voltages are within the tolerances at all times, and it delivers the maximum power of 600 Watt without any difficulties.

Although all the information is available, the layout could be clearer.

In all the measurements taken, the efficiency is within the 75% range, which, consequently, is very good. Only in standby mode is the efficiency very low, with an entire 13 Watts being drawn at the lowest load, and an impressive 28 Watts at a high load. Presumably, the additional switching regulator supplies the 12 Volt rail.

The power unit's price tag at $100 (€90) is also more than just reasonable.