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Coolermaster RealPower 550 W

Overall Impression

The 550 Watt version

With its RealPower 550 W, Coolermaster has produced a more powerful power supply compared to its previous offerings. The equipment is the same as that of the 450 Watt version . This power supply also conforms to the ATX12V 2.01 standard. The old version of the RealPower power supply also featured a power meter. A major point of criticism regarding this device was that the display was very hard to read. Disappointingly, Coolermaster has made very few changes to the display. So what is new about this unit?

Silver or black? Coolermaster allows the user to choose.

The new features include two cover plates (black and silver) so that the display matches the case better. However, the reading indicated by the needle is hardly visible, which makes this feature devoid of much practical use.

In daylight, it is still possible to read the needle - that's if you're close enough to it...

...in the dark, however, it is only possible to guess the position of the needle.