The PowerPod: Don't Touch That Camcorder


We reviewed Eagletron's robotic mount TrackerPod, which remotely pans and tilts Webcams, last October. The robotic mount proved interesting, but unfortunately, you were out of luck if you didn't have a Webcam. Now, Eagletron has introduced the PowerPod, which offers the same functions as its predecessor, except it can accommodate camcorders as well.

Contents And Price

The PowerPod is available from Eagletron or its resellers for about $169.99. You will have to buy your own camcorder to mount on the base. If you have a Sony brand camcorder, then you should buy the PowerPod LANC, which lets you control the optical zoom remotely as well.

Closer Look

The PowerPod, which weighs about .8 lbs (.36 kg), has built-in motors that rotate and tilt the square base mounted on top. The PowerPod can handle a camcorder weighing up to three lbs (1.4 kg). It can rotate 80 degrees to each side (160 total degrees of panning) and can tilt 55 degrees up and down. The motors can move an attached camcorder 53 degrees per second.