Small Business Battery Backup: Eaton's 3,000VA PW5130


Eaton’s Powerware PW5130 isn’t an entry-level device, although the pricing model suggests otherwise: the 3,000 VA model costs roughly $1,200 plus tax (or €1,100 including typical European VAT), but you can also get versions with 2,500, 1,750, and 1,250 VA. The last of these is rather affordable at approximately $600 (or €600). It might actually make sense to select the model you really need, as the battery capacity can be upgraded later on. Just keep in mind that the upgrades are more expensive than getting a higher power version right from the start. All versions can be rack mounted or operate as pedestal devices.

A Solid UPS

All UPS units (except entry-level products) support surge protection against voltage bursts and power outages, and most also filter electric power to deliver it in a smooth and reliable manner to electronic devices. The Powerware PW5130 supports battery hot-swapping and online expansion through so-called external battery modules, known as EBMs. These modules look like the actual UPS and you can add up to four units.

Eaton offers four different service plans, which start with basic factory warranty and max out with 24-hour response, expedited delivery of replacement parts, and preventive maintenance for batteries and UPS units.

Smart Network Power Management

While the LanSafe 6 software has not yet been fully adjusted to support the PW5130, the Network Management Proxy and Network Shutdown Module worked smoothly. It’s important to keep in mind that this UPS product wasn’t designed to provide maximum battery backup time, but rather to implement a smart, staggered shutdown process for multiple devices such as servers, routers and more. Thanks to three different power outlet groups, it is possible to switch off some devices right away, continue with server shutdown after a few minutes, and make sure that network relevant devices stay up for as long as possible.