PQI's Intelligent Stick Is Small, Light And Worth Its Weight

The number of suppliers of USB memory sticks has skyrocketed. So what does PQI bring to the party?

'I' stick stands for "intelligent" stick, which refers to the compact design. USB memory sticks are about as big as a lighter, only slightly larger than an SD or compact flash memory card.

And that's precisely its advantage over the competition, since the PQI I-Stick is the smallest memory stick to have reached our test lab so far. In fact, this handy little device is so small that it can easily be carried around in a wallet. However, care should be taken when handling the device and touching its sensitive interface circuitry to prevent short circuits that causes data loss or defects.

PQI supplies a protective case to do just that, which makes the I-Stick a "full-scale" memory stick complete with a cover for the USB drive. Alternatively, there is also a credit-card-sized stick holder that accommodates two I-Sticks.