Premium Controllers Under Scrutiny: Ultra160 RAID Adapters from Adaptec and LSI

Drive Failure During Operation

In the case of the Adaptec controller, we were unable to record the results of this test due to the fact that the benchmark crashed once a hard drive was removed from the SCSI bus. This seems to solely be a problem with Winbench 99, however, since the RAID array and all data were available as before.

Using the controller from LSI, we were able to record the failure of one hard drive:

The graph demonstrates clearly the effects of the sudden failure of one out of four hard drives on the overall performance.

System Recovery: Adaptec

We have to apologize for the incomplete transfer diagram. The reason for this was the considerable amount of time required to rebuild the data on the newly replaced hard drive - we had to interrupt this test after several hours.

The performance during the recovery is significantly higher in the case of LSI than in that of Adaptec.