New Processors On Old Boards: Adapters From Upgradeware for Socket 370 and Socket 423

Socket 370 With Tualatin Pinout

Adapter socket 370GU from Upgradeware: there's no fixing mechanism as there was with ZIF sockets (Zero Insertion Force), therefore, removing the processors requires great care.

Many users might consider this adapter socket a useful approach to putting off upgrading the motherboard, memory and processor in their PCs. Thousands of people around the world use a second-generation Pentium III system that already features a Socket 370 but cannot cope with the Tualatin Pentium IIIs.

Most processors run at between 600 and 933 MHz. They are adequate for standard tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets or desktop publishing. In conjunction with a modern graphics card (at least GeForce2), this type of computer can also be used for most 3D games. They are quickly brought to a grinding halt when they have to compress video files (MPEG-2 or MPEG-4), however.

The solution to many performance problems is not necessarily the purchase of a new PC, because Intel also supplies both Celeron and Pentium III processors up to 1.4 GHz.

The adapter socket is delivered with an acceptable cooler and an installation guide that even beginners will find easy to understand.